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Prologic Commander Fleece Jacket
Perfect mix of a 100% waterproof technical jacket and elegant comfortable fishing & casua..
6.990,00RSD 4.590,00RSD
Savage Gear Jump Suit
  Savage gear Jump odelo je najnoviji opuštajući trend, odelo koje se koristi nakon dug..
7.400,00RSD 5.190,00RSD
Savage Gear ThermoLite Vest
  Trendy, ultralight yet warm vest ideal as mid-layer as well as outerwear • Super t..
6.880,00RSD 4.990,00RSD
Shimano Beastmaster EX 270H
The Beastmaster spinning is renewed and it is stronger than ever. The progressive action of the..
14.990,00RSD 10.900,00RSD
Shimano Saragosa 5000 SW
The Saragosa is built using lightweight XGT-7 material and is an out and out heavy duty spinn..
29.900,00RSD 20.990,00RSD
Shimano Sustain 4000 XG FI
The new and improved Shimano Sustain 4000FI HG Spinning Reel exceeds expectations and sets a new ..
29.900,00RSD 19.990,00RSD
Sonik SKSC Commercial Reel
SKSC COMMERCIAL REEL The SKSC Commercial reels are robust, rel..
5.760,00RSD 4.600,00RSD
Spro Thermo Odelo
SPRO Termo PVC dvodelno odelo Specijalno nepromočivo dvodelno termo odel..
8.900,00RSD 6.900,00RSD
Trakker Armo V4 Plus Bivvy
Overview The Armo V4 bivvies are the latest incarnations of the iconic Armo Bivv..
93.600,00RSD 69.900,00RSD
Trakker SLX V3 2 Man Bivvy
The SLX V3 is the third generation of this hugely popular pram hood bivvy and just like the previ..
56.400,00RSD 45.120,00RSD
Trakker SLX V3 Plus Bivvy
Overview Now in it’s third generation, our SLX Bivvy has gone from stren..
72.000,00RSD 57.600,00RSD
Trakker Superdome Bivvy
The Superdome Bivvy is a pramhood shelter with optional modular extras, offering users masses of ..
66.990,00RSD 56.160,00RSD