Nutrabaits Trigga Ice Mix

Nutrabaits Trigga Ice Mix
Šifra proizvoda: Boili mix
Raspoloživost: Na zalihi
Cena: 2.300,00RSD
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Trigga Ice Base Mix

The eagerly awaited ‘Iced’ version of the awesome Trigga Base Mix. To add to both the cold weather and short term attraction qualities we have added a high-tec blend of natural emulsifiers and powdered spice extracts, to the now familiar combination of Trigga powder, pre-digested marine meals, low fat oceanic proteins, milk and whey proteins and vitamins and minerals. As with the original mix, no additional additives are required, apart from the dedicated ‘Trigga Ice’ liquid food source that has been designed to complement this superb bait.

In common with all the base mixes that bear the Nutrabaits seal of approval, it goes without saying that Trigga Ice rolls exceptionally well and boils hard without any need for excessive cooking times.

Thoroughly researched and put through its paces by many of our high profile European fieldtesters over the last eighteen months or so, Trigga Ice is undoubtedly destined to be yet another carp world success story, courtesy of Nutrabaits.

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