Savage Gear Grub 10cm

Savage Gear Grub 10cm
Brend: Savagear
Šifra proizvoda: Grub
Raspoloživost: Na zalihi
Cena: 220,00RSD

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The immense success of the Savage Grub with the unique and protected tail shape – has made it quite easy for us design our first “real" worm softlure. The innovative design gives an incredible and majestic appearance in the water. The action is unreal, whether just dropped or fished with its weight on a jighead or weedless on an offset hook – the design allows you fish the worm at an incredible slow pace and still get the most enticing action – driving the fish insane. You can cut off any length of the worm body to tune your presentation or even take of the tail and fish the body “whacky" style. We have added unique DNA – (Double Natural Attraction) scents to these creatures. Red hot for Black Bass, Sea Bass, Trophy Perch, Pike and Zander.

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