Shimano Beastmaster EX 270H

Shimano Beastmaster EX 270H
Shimano Beastmaster EX 270H
Brend: Shimano
Šifra proizvoda: 40128
Raspoloživost: Na zalihi
Cena: 14.990,00RSD
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The Beastmaster spinning is renewed and it is stronger than ever.
The progressive action of the Beastmaster helps to ensure easy lure presentation and great control during the fight.
Strength is key in the Beastmaster range and the strong XT60 + Biofibre blank will give you, the angler all confidence you need when you are out there searching for large predators. A lot of heat can build up on the ceramics whilst battling large predators, and this can damage the line. With the Fuji Improved Hard guides, the level of heat is dramatically reduced,
vastly helping to increase the longevity of your mainline and prevent any unnecessary breakages.
The Shimano Custom reel seat in combination with the ergonomic shaped split grip make this versatile lure rod a real eye-catcher.

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