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Brand: Guru
In order to make the best, most consistent method balls that fly further and truer, the feeder have to be loaded perfectly. The method mould offers the best way of achieving this. That’s why the Guru team wasted no time in releasing the X-Press Method Mould. These clever devices make mouldin..
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Brand: Guru
The standard, shorter case was designed for the rigs that Adam and Steve used most, including method feeder, pellet feeder and pole rigs. The Large Rig Case has retaining pegs at 6in, 8in, 10in and 12in, which will cater for longer rigs than it's little brother. Both feature a unique magneti..
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Brand: Guru
Guru Rig Case Brand New For 2014. Will be one of, if not the biggest selling hooklength rig box of 2014. The case features a unique magnetic fastening system, which ensures that your carefully tied rigs are protected when in transit. In fact, the case has been designed to be totally water re..
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Brand: Guru
Designed to offer a stylish complement to the original Guru Reaper Rest, the Reaper XL is ideal for speed fishing, making it a great choice for all the keen match anglers out there.Micro grooves protect your line, while the sturdy design ensures that, wherever you've set up, your rods will b..
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Brand: Guru
Slider locator designMultiple angles capabilityFeatures brass threadIdeal for all types of tip workUsed by many top match anglers..
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Brand: Guru
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Brand: Guru
Suitable for cork, duplon and abbreviated rod buttsSoft rubber flexes to suit all rodsSuitable for all types of rod buttFlexible rest moulds around your rodBrass screw thread..
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